The Book On

Sales And Marketing

by ashley wilkes webber

expert marketing for non-marketers

The book on sales and marketing

Awaiting you inside the pages of The Book on Sales & Marketing is an arsenal of powerful skills, knowledge, fundamentals and tools that the modern marketer must possess to thrive in the business jungle without wasting precious resources figuring it out alone.

Finally, everything you need all in one place:

  • Target Marketing & Tracking
  • Growing Lists & Databases
  • Attracting New Leads
  • Converting Old Leads
  • Social Media Disruption
  • Content Creation
  • Copywriting
  • Network Acceleration
  • Funnels
  • Automation
  • Websites, pages, and Google
  • Email & Phone Sales
  • Paid Advertising
  • Television, Print, Radio and more...

This complete “full-stack” marketing blueprint provides you with the mechanics and mindset necessary to bring in more qualified customers, speak their language and do more business, quicker. Loaded with additional content, The Book on Sales & Marketing will change the way you approach marketing and sales forever.

Reviews From Readers

This book helped us escape the rat race, every entrepreneur should read it twice. At its core, this book is about getting more of what you love from your business. Profit is great, but what makes a business owner successful is the quality of their relationships with customers, employees, and strategic partners. One of the things I liked most about this book is the attitude and humor of the author. It’s fun, funny, and moves fast, especially for a business book. For best results, send a copy of this book to each of your key employees and business partners.


This has everything: strategy, tactics, mindset, and just the right amount of motivation. I can’t believe I’m just learning so much of this stuff now. It’s not just digital marketing or social media, each page has something that I can see immediately becoming invaluable. If you are an owner, manager, or future owner, you need to get this book and invest the time in consuming it – I finally have a plan I’m confident about.


Ashley Webber is not just a marketing genius — he’s a genius who’s willing to break it all down clearly for you. This is the one book to get you started and keep you moving up in the jungle of online sales and marketing. I have been lucky to hear Ashley speak in person — don’t miss the chance! You will find out how rare it is to meet someone who is so quick to understand your challenges and so dedicated to making your brand work better. BUY THIS BOOK!

Anne S.

ashley wilkes webber

Ashley Wilkes Webber is a certified digital marketer, seasoned business automator, and founder of MyMarketingPass where he and his team of Marketeers deliver unlimited on-demand digital marketing that makes a real impact on your bottom line. He specializes in building smart systems, lightning fast websites, stunning graphics, clever copywriting, and strategic business plans that scale for companies all across the country.

Since writing The Book on Sales & Marketing in 2019 Ashley has become a sought after speaker, marketing trainer, and Keap influencer. His “Angles and Tactics” strategy of content creation and Problem Solution Problem Solution model has been adopted by businesses across dozens of industries and markets.

Ashley holds degrees with honors in digital filmmaking and animation along with over half a dozen Digital Marketer certifications in disciplines ranging from paid advertising and funnels to e-commerce and traffic generation.

“Anything worth doing is worth documenting and replicating”
-Ashley Wilkes Webber